Cleo’s Ferry Museum and Nature Trail in Melba, Idaho

Source: Atlas Obscura

A religious totem pole flanked by hand-crafted camel art and surrounded by 150-year-old buildings: Cleo's Ferry in a nutshell.

Part outsider art museum, part nature trail, part iconoclastic pet project Cleo’s Ferry Museum and Nature Trail is a kitsch-filled “Faith Adventure” that .

Spread throughout the winding nature trail and its preserved 1860’s ferry service buildings are thousands of bird houses, ceramic lawn decorations, signs espousing random religious philosophies, bronze statues, a graveyard, and even a flock of live peacocks. Combined, the effect of all the totally non-related elements is dizzying and absolutely unique.

After Dr. Samuel “Pappy” Swayne and his wife Cleo purchased the old ferry area in Melba, Idaho the couple began building a number of structures to house ...

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